Our drive towards excellence
obliges us to design a specific package tailored for each client
Our drive towards excellence
obliges us to design a specific package tailored for each client

Journey Management Services

Traveling can be a cumbersome experience to our international guest arriving in Nigeria. Advance Achilles Security will gladly assist to make this a pleasant experience. In support with our local partners represented by Protocol and Immigration, all travelers will have peace of mind that a smooth transition is guaranteed for our international clientele. Our local staff will collect you at the airport and drive you to your destination of choice, complimented with an armed escort vehicle. This service is not limited to airport shuttles, and can be provided as needed throughout your stay.

Static Guarding Services

We pride ourselves in the quality of our static guards. All guards are vetted and trained in accordance to the SIA accreditation. The SIA was established in 2001 as a regulatory body in the United Kingdom to ensure there are high standards in the private security across the UK. Our guards carry the same accreditation, and you will always be met with a friendly smile complimented by our professional services.

Cyber Security

We recently invested into counter-intelligence in the cyber landscape to broaden our scope of field that sets us apart from any other Security Service Provider.

This allows us to be proactive and to provide a complete Close Protection solution that is second to none.

Advance Achilles Security offers a variety of counter-intelligence solutions built for today’s cyber landscape.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tracking and tracing technologies for encrypted messaging, sharing and hosting platforms.
  • Intelligence on illicit trade, cybercrime syndicates, cyber-espionage tradecraft and toolsets.
  • Intelligence solutions leveraging open data sources providing trends and patterns, such as:
  • Potential outbreak of disease.
  • Potential negative sentiment.
  • Potential outbreak of violence.
  • Mapping and tracking networks (e.g. syndicates, gangs, terrorist cells).

Helicopter Charter

Advance Achilles Security has partnered up with the biggest helicopter charter company in Nigeria. We therefore can accommodate all your helicopter charter needs at a discounted price.

Secure Accommodation

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