Cybersecurity Today

Governments and businesses globally are experiencing financial losses, reputational damage and human life loss due to advanced cyber threats and cybercrime. Highly motivated attackers, using advanced attack vectors, have altered the threat landscape drastically. Organisations have invested in multiple endpoint solutions to protect their businesses, however none of these signature-based technologies efficiently detect network-wide vulnerabilities in real-time, nor are these technologies able to defend against unknown cyber threats.

These constant changes combined with the fact that cyber criminals are currently able to conduct organisational attacks during a single night and will continue to attack regardless of the time of day; renders traditional point-in-time security assessments redundant. Globally, the growth of IT networks has exponentially increased points of vulnerability and require a mechanised defence to operate at scale. Our purpose is to work with our clients to solve these problems and other cybersecurity threats which organisations face daily.

Cyber criminals will always have the upper hand as they have the added benefit of ‘unlimited time’ to strategically plan and carry out their cyber-attacks on organisations. These cyber criminals may be backed by huge financial and political incentives as well as merchandised tools to attack networks rapidly, needing only one opportunity to penetrate an organisation’s network for them to succeed, whilst organisations who are defending, need to be wrong only once to fail. Traditional ICT network support staff have the responsibility of managing their organisation’s network operations with limited time on their hands to take care of network security and the IT support teams must manually update and maintain each element of the network in isolation leaving security gaps which are easily exploited.  Achilles Guardian Platform has thus been developed to combat the threats around cybersecurity and cybercrime.

Because Achilles Guardian Platform operates ‘on-the-wire’, as opposed to being fed data from individual system elements of an organisation’s network, it is context aware and has the ability to highlight vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks in real-time. Our in-house cyber-analysts which are based at Our 24/7/365 threat hunting centre in Tshwane, South Africa understand the typical pattern of attacks and have been trained to monitor, assess and react to any and all attacks across an entire network.

We believe Achilles Guardian Platform is uniquely positioned above other market offerings, through its use of learning machines providing predictive analytics on attack patterns previously encountered, empowering our client’s to proactively respond to cybersecurity incidents. This means that whilst other cybersecurity solutions become outdated, Achilles Guardian Platform technology improves over time as it is well positioned to cater for new, emerging and advanced threats. The typical lack of innovation and advancement in cybersecurity technologies has given attackers the upper hand. Achilles Guardian Platform, on the other hand, empowers clients by mechanising their network defences on a proactive and real-time basis.

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